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Pack 1980 Scouting for Food 2016 Report

Posted on Feb 24 2016 - 10:03am

Thank you to the 21 Cub Scouts, 8 Leaders, and many parents who assisted with the Scouting for Food collection on Saturday, February 20th at Bishop's Thriftway.  Pack 1980 scouts collected a full SUV payload of non-perishable goods plus several additional boxes as well as cash donations to give to Readington Starfish.  The total efforts of Pack 1980 scouts at Bishop's Thriftway along with Troop 1969/Troop 199/Pack 199 Scouts at the Branchburg ShopRite led to a donation of approximately 3700 lbs of food.  Readington Starfish reports that they are overwhelmed with the generosity of the community. As a result, many will enjoy a bounty of food during the Easter and 4th of July distributions. 


Pack 1980 Cub Scouts Celebrate Scout Sunday Service at Readington Reformed Church

Posted on Feb 24 2016 - 8:40am

Cub Scouts from Pack 1980, chartered by Readington Reformed Church celebrated a Scout Sunday Service at Readington Reformed Church on Sunday, February 16th.  Scout Sunday allows Scouts from Christian faith-based chartered organizations to show their appreciation for the religious institutions that support their units and for their congregations to learn more about the value of Scouting.  Gathered for the service from Pack 1980 were 13 Cub Scouts, 6 Den Leaders, and several family members.  Thanks to Readington Reformed Church for your continued support of our Cub Scout Pack 1980!


Pack 1980 Cub Scouts join with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to Celebrate Scout Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes

Posted on Feb 7 2016 - 7:16am

Our Lady of Lourdes celebrated a special Scout Mass yesterday, February 5th, to recognize the contributions of young people and adults to Scouting.  Pack 1980 Cub Scouts joined with Boy Scouts and girl Scouts for this mass.  

Congratulations to current Bear Scout Luke Bielen who was honored to receive the "Light of Christ Award" for learning more about his duty to God and growing more in his faith as a Wolf Scout throught the Light of Christ program.


Congratulations to All Pack 1980 Pinewood Derby Racers!

Posted on Feb 6 2016 - 9:02pm

Pack 1980 Scouts and families enjoyed an afternoon full of Scouting fun and tradition last Sunday at the Pack 1980 Pinewood Derby Race 2016.  Many thanks to our Pack 1980 Leaders who helped put together a special Sunday:  Steve Kovacs, David Pikulin, Dan McDonald, Scott Armstrong, and Vickie Szymanski.  Great job to all Cub Scouts who designed, shaped, and painted their own cars!  Congratulations to scouts whose cars placed in the top 3 for speed in each rank.  You are eligible to race your car at the District Pinewood Derby on Saturday, April 9th (date to be confirmed). 






Arrow of Light

Family Race


Chase Wieder  Ryan Bellek Harrison Marr Josh McDonald Raul Aramburo Vivian Marr


Alexander Albanese 

Sam Nyez

Tyler Rossi

Jake Beatrice Michael Barckholtz  Joanna McDonald


David Shchervinsky 

Marc Wooton 

Eric Wootton

Andrew Ryder

Daniel Szymanski David Brinkofski 

Cub's Choice

Benjamin Brinkofski

Cole Costigan  Zachary Barckholtz Luke Szymanski Tyler Francfort  

Most Creative

Chase Wieder  Sam Nyez Ryan Miller J.T. Wieder Tyler Francfort Sophia Nyez 



Pack 1980 Scouts Look to the Stars at Voorhees Observatory

Posted on Dec 12 2015 - 11:14pm

Pack 1980 Cub Scouts enjopyed the wonders of the Night Sky at the Paul Robinson Observatory at Voorhees State Park.  Volunteers from the New Jersey Astronomical Association helped to educate curious scouts in the science of Astronomy,  Questions on telescopes, stars, and space travel were answered inside and telescopes and binoculars were set up outside for scouts to observe nearby stars and constellations.  Constellations observed included Taurus the bull (the scouts got a good view of Aldeberan, an orange giant star in that constellation, through one of the telescopes), Pegasus, Cassiopeia, and Ursa Minor ("the litte bear", which includes Polaris - the North Star) and the Pleiades star cluster (a group of seven stars, also known as "the seven sisters", which looked large and bright through just a pair of binoculars).  Scouts were also able to look through the largest public telescope in New Jersey to see another orange giant star in a distant star cluster.

Pack 1980 Families Lent a Hand to Support Operation Shoebox New Jersey

Posted on Dec 12 2015 - 12:29pm

Pack 1980 Cub Scouts and family members joined with hundreds of other communty volunteers to assemble ~1,640 boxes of toiletries and food items that will be sent to troops abroad.  Tiger Scouts and Bear Scouts colored cards of appreciation at their den meetings in advance of the packing event.  Pack 1980 scouts also donated granola bars, instant oatmeal, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and more to be packed.


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